The Golfers Dilemma What's right? ...and what's not? One instructor suggests that we assume a weightlifter's address position, then coil the body and fire the right side. Another asks us to forget our body and swing hand and arms to generate "effortless" power. Perhaps the most significant quote we've heard on learning golf comes from Payne Stewart:

"There a few simple fundamentals you need to learn. After that, you have to figure it out for yourself." So true...what to do? My Golf ProShop, through its extensive research with the best players and teachers in the world, has identified the simple and true fundamentals of the golf swing. In order to assist you and support junior golf, our research will be made available to you through our new official publication -- The Golf Instructor. My Golf ProShop was created to raise the quality of play of our subscribers and to promote junior golf. The Golf Instructor is the place to exchange important ideas that support your self-improvement plan.

Improving Your Game The Golf Instructor will present short lessons that explain and reinforce the simple fundamentals. Each lesson will have a learning objective, define terminology used, share the experiences of the best teachers and players in the world and recommend training aids to teach the feels of that lesson. The golf swing lasts but only a few seconds, yet countless volumes have been written and hundreds of products have been invented to teach it. The Golf Instructor's lessons will take you on a guided tour through this body of knowledge and products, saving you years of trial-and-error frustration. Our focus will remain on the simple fundamentals. The Golf Instructor is designed to present instruction and ideas that are vital to all golfers' success. Our newsletters, taken together, will give you a complete golfing system. The training aids we recommend have to pass two stringent requirements:


1. It is being used by the best teachers in the world.

2. It is being used successfully by the best professional and amateur players.


1. Must help you sense or feel the fundamental described by the lesson.

2. Must give you immediate feedback so you can shorten the time it would take you to ultimately figure it out for yourself.

3. Is automatic so you can simply hit balls, adjust to the product and improve.

We know you are your best teacher. The Golf Instructor is here to support your learning process. Here's to constant improvement and great golfing!

Christopher McDermitt
Director of Research
My Golf ProShop