Butch Harmon Ultimate Golf

Butch Harmon Ultimate Golf




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Butch Harmon's ULTIMATE GOLF

Most people agree: he's currently the top teacher in the world.

It's three brand new videos or a DVD, all from the top teacher in the world.

You begin with Short & Sweet, Harmon's short game video. The majority of golf is played on and around the green. Harmon's professional students - people like Tiger Woods, Davis Love and Greg Norman - consistently top the ranking in scoring average and tournament wins because they understand the short game and get the ball in the hole!

Butch's unique lessons and creative drills will help you play like a pro inside 100 yards. You'll cover the pitch shot.. lob.. sand play... chipping.. including the 3-wood chip the pro's are now using.. and putting. You'll be given drills.. great tips.. everything you need to get it up and down from 100 yards in.

From there, it's on to Power Play, Harmon's method to hit it long and straight.

It's ironic. Every golfer has power. The hard part is finding it. Through a series of simple lessons and drills, Butch will help you unleash power you never knew you had. You'll learn to hit the driver.. your 3-wood.. your long irons and utility woods.. the 3-iron punch shot.. your mid irons.. longer and straighter than you ever imagined.

Next comes Course I.Q., pure instruction on managing your game for lower scores. Harmon students are among the best course managers in the world.. and they get better every year. Just look at Tiger.

You'll examine tee box options.. long shot options.. playing to your capabilities.. handling bad lies.. the mental side of course management.. and how to manage the game inside 100 yards.

Yes, you can become a complete player of the game with Butch Harmon's ULTIMATE GOLF.

Get the three videos.. or the DVD which contains the three videos.

It's up to you.