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Dual Track




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Dual Track

The DUAL TRACK (Patented) is a very versatile training and teaching aid that give instant feed back for the correct on plane swing for any club. It is designed so that it can be adjusted for the lie angle of any club from the putter through the driver. It is used by many teaching professionals, PGA touring pros, teaching academies and thousands of amateurs. It is the only swing plane trainer that has a trigger mechanism (Patented) that will allow it to drop, allowing for a full un-impeded swing while striking balls.

Helps with:

  • See and feel the proper Set-up.
  • On plane extension in the back swing.
  • The body alignment and swing plane will be synchronized, can be set to any club lie angle, including the putter.

When the DUAL TRACK is adjusted to the selected club it will insures (because of the two tracks) that the club shaft will starts its journey on the plane of its address position. The DUAL TRACK then can be triggered to drop. Allowing for an unimpeded down swing. Easily returned to the selected clubs lie angle at set-up for another on plane swing (as shown in animation). The Dual Track with the unique patented trigger can also be use without the unit falling, allowing for a down swing in slow motion to see and feel where the hand and club path should be during the downswing. This is the only teaching and training aid of an on plane swing that the golfer can see and feel while striking balls. It is based on geometry and physics, not just someone's opinion of what they think is correct.