Hanberry Diamond Golf Ball (24)

Hanberry Diamond Golf Ball (24)




Product Description


New 2011 NIKEMOJO Golf Ball

Introducing the first neodymium reactive core..
and seamless construction:

This New NIKE MOJOGolf Ball Is Longer Than Top Flite Yet Is Remarkably Soft
Through Impact And Spins Like
A Top Even On Hard Greens

NIKE's MOJOSoftSpinDistance Golf Ball Explodes Into The Air At 253.5 Feet-Per-Second Yet Conforms With USGA Rules Of Golf.

Neodymium core and titanium cover - two "magic metals" produce highest rebound effect of any golf ball material for MAXIMUM DISTANCE with SOFTER FEEL.NIKE MOJO Performancedesign is the secret to power, distance and spin.

Neodymium, the most reactive core in the world, explodes your ball into the air for MORE DISTANCE

Reactive core produces longer, higher, harder trajectories

Titanium cover produces SOFTER FEEL and MORE SPIN

Patented 442 dimple pattern + seamless construction yield ASTOUNDING MID AIR STABILITY.

Consider these facts:

FACT: Neodymium, a rare earth metal, has higher rebound properties of any material ever tested in a golf ball.
FACT: Golf's first ball with seamless construction provides amazing mid air stability.
FACT: USGA Approved List. R&A Approved List. Conforms with U.S. and International Rules.
FACT: 3.41 feet-per-second faster off the face than any 2-piece ball on the market.
FACT: Competition-tested on all major tours with no endorsement money available.
FACT: If you are playing titanium or stainless steel woods with miraging steel,NIKE's MOJO SoftSpin Distance will add up to 6.5 yards to your driver and fairway woods.
FACT: Lifetime guaranteed.