Fundamentals of Ben Hogan Training Kit

Fundamentals of Ben Hogan Training Kit




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The Fundamentals of Hogan

Golf,s 1 at Home Instruction Program

This new book, video and amazing training aid will put you in an athletic set up.. quiet your overly aggressive right side.. and make you a better ball striker than you ever imagined because your new golf swing will be fundamentally sound.

Introducing "The Fundamentals of Hogan"by David Leadbetter destined to become the #2 best selling golf book in history.. a video of "secret"film of Ben Hogan.. and an amazing training aid that will make your new golf swing automatic and virtually immediate.


Dear Golfer,

Here,s the problem:

This coming weekend, millions of golfers will stuff clubs into car trunks and head for the course full of hope. At the end of the day, 99% will return home underachievers in the sport they love.

Why? The answer is absurdly simple: BAD FUNDAMENTALS. For example: Bad grips, Bad set ups, Too much tension and an overly aggressive right side (for left handed players) resulting in an over the-top move and an early "throw"of the club. There is no powerful, on-line release.

And, finally, 99% of the golfers in this country have no understanding whatsoever of the one moment of truth in a golf shot: IMPACT.

You now have in your hands or on your computer screen everything you need to become a fundamentally sound golfer.. and a better ball strike than you might ever imagine.

Lets begin with David Leadbetter,s incredible new book, "The Fundamentals of Hogan". Industry experts call it "golf,s #1 read."For the first time ever, one of the great teachers brings a modern interpretation to the best selling sports book of all time, Five Lessons by Ben Hogan.

You move inside the mind of the greatest ball striker in history. With Hogan and Leadbetter at your side, you build a powerful new golf swing.. from the ground up.

,Here,s just a small sampling of some of the material you,ll discover in this book:

  • The absolute "secret"to 10 more yards with your driver (page 86)

  • The 4-second perfect set up and posture drill (pages 60-61)

  • The one Hogan concept you must understand to become a ball striker (page 60)

  • The three qualities of an ideal top-of-backswing position (page 106)

  • The one feeling you want through impact (page 108)

  • The master key to learning the famous Hogan anti hook grip (page 25)

  • Leadbetter,s special waggle: the absolute key to consistency (page 70)

  • One simple key to generate "Hogan power"(page 31)

  • Leadbetter secret interpretation #1: a top of backswing move that will let you explode through impact (page 68)

  • At last, the famous Hogan "secret"revealed! (pages 55-60)

  • If you don,t have these two Hogan qualities at address, golf will be a never-ending struggle (page 36)

  • Leadbetter secret interpretation #2: how to start your swing perfectly every time with this simple, easy-to-master motion (page 63)

  • Three keys to perfect posture.. and a geometrically sound move (page 37)

  • If you,re all body and no power, here,s the fix (page 38)

  • The secret of supination (pages 108-111)

  • Why you don,t want to copy Hogan,s (or anybody else,s) swing (page 122)

  • The Hogan: Leadbetter impact drill (pages 111-112)

  • How to give your swing motion and flow (page 71)

  • The golf swing,s #1 power leak (and how to plug it) (page 54)

  • The one thing all good golfers do and bad golfers don,t (page 78)

  • Good players vs. bad players, an amazing paragraph (page 80)

  • Yes! You can indeed think of breaking 80. Here,s why: (page 123)

In this at-home instruction program, I didn,t stop with just a book.. Let me explain:

How To Fix Impact

As I said at the top of this letter, one of the great mysteries of the golf swing is the impact position.What if there was a way for you to feel - yes literally experience a tour quality impact position? What if you could do it automatically and immediately

Enter "The Impact Fix."This simple yet powerful training device slips onto your left wrist. You make your pass. Automatically and instantly, Impact Fix guides your leading left side into a perfect IMPACT POSITION in the pure Hogan tradition.

You generate a powerful, on line release. Through supination, you "close down"the face of the club - like all great players turning a 5-iron into a 3-iron. Your ball explodes into the air with a lower, harder, spinning trajectory. You,ll hit shots that will utterly amaze your golfing companions.

Our "Impact Fix"makes it all so easy. You drill in the feeling.. remove the device.. and you now have a new golf swing that is fundamentally sound.

And there,s more. As part of the program, we offer you "Ben Hogan, In Pursuit of Perfection". This video contains rare footage of Ben Hogan. We see him hitting a variety of shots. You ingrain the fundamentally sound golf swing of the greatest ball striker of all time.

So there you have it. Three powerful, multi-media learning tools. One goal. One vision.

Absolute Zero Risk Offer

I am excited about getting this incredible program in your hands. I want you to try it. See if it works for you. See what impact it has on your ball striking on your scores on your plain old fun with golf.

Your investment - subject to your final approval - is only $77, a small price indeed for the benefits you receive. BUT, if you are convinced my program cannot be of help to you, I want you to package it up and return it. Your investment will be refunded immediately, courteously, with no-questions-asked and we still part friends.

Fair enough?

$77.00 for this book, instructional video and "Impact Fix"training aid.

$27.00 to order "Fundamentals of Hogan"(book only).

If you are truly looking for more distance.. more power.. and an aggressive, athletic golf swing, then, yes, this will be the most important sports message you,ve ever read.