Butch Harmon Laser Trainer

Butch Harmon Laser Trainer




Product Description


Butch Harmon's Laser Trainer - New Design!

The only way to effectively improve your golf swing is to understand precisely what it is you are doing wrong in a swing, or correct in a swing. In order to do this you need accurate and immediate visual feedback as you go through your swing! The only problem, as any golf pro will tell you, is that the most critical elements of your golf swing - swing plane, swing path, etc. - cannot be seen with the naked eye! This is where the Laser Trainer comes in.

Vision is the most powerful tool your body has to gather information and learn. This is at the heart of the Laser Trainer. Our system utilizes your vision-learning as you go through your swing to actually see the elements of a swing that are the most important -- swing plane and swing path.

If you have questions about your golf swing, Laser Trainer will give you the answers. The absolute correct answers! The Laser Trainer is nothing short of remarkable, and quite simply is revolutionizing the way in which golf is being taught.

You will have the advantage of being able to see your swing as you make it, and more importantly see the flaws you must correct in order to improve! Eliminating loops, deviations off plane, and other errant moves in your swing is vital to having a consistent, powerful and repeatable golf swing!

Do you HOOK or SLICE? Are you too much INSIDE or OUTSIDE, too FLAT or too UPRIGHT? Do you come over the top and pull every thing left of your target, or block it right? Can you hit the ball STRAIGHT? Do you want to learn to DRAW the ball or FADE it? How do you hit these shots? Well, with the Laser Trainer you will learn everything you need to know to hit the exact shots you want when you want to hit them! You will also perfect your CHIPPING and PUTTING!

The Laser Trainer easily attaches to any of your clubs and is simple to use. Just roll out the GRAPHIC MAT (which is like having a golf professional right there with you), choose which club you want to practice with, clip on the Laser Trainer lasers and in the comfort of your own home or office, learn exactly what a perfect swing feels like! Then you'll be 'LEARNING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!