One Putt Championship Series Putter- Standard or Belly

One Putt Championship Series Putter- Standard or Belly




Product Description


"A masterpiece that proved too expensive for the big retailers!"

The REAL Story Behind
One Of The Finest Mallet Putters
Ever Made... And How It
Forced Industry "Fat-Cats" To Their Knees!

I Doubt You've Ever Touched A Putter Of This Quality In Your Life...
A Consistent, Repeatable, Dependable "Weapon"
That'll Launch You Into A Whole New Category Of Golfing Expertise!

To: Our Subscribers,

Dear Fellow Golfer:

I've got the answer to your golfing prayers.

See that picture to the right? I call it the "One Putt" putter - an "odd looking" piece of golf-wonder that's about to change your life forever. With it you'll:

  • Drain impossible putts with unshakable confidence (it's wonderful knowing that you can flub your drive and still save par... or birdie)...
  • Knock a half-dozen strokes off your next round with laughable ease... without changing your game one bit...
  • Outplay and outscore your golfing buddies (who'll suddenly look like well-dressed chimpanzees on the greens).

This is a true marvel of golfing technology, and it's made me one of the happiest golfers on the planet. And now...for a limited time...

It Can Be Yours Too...
At A Fraction Of Retail Cost!

I'll tell you the whole story behind this masterpiece in a second, (the result of a whacky screw-up between an big-shot Asian club maker and an eager American club dealer), but first let me ask you a simple question.

What do you consider more important to your game? A 300-yard drive... or a simple two-putt?

Most amateurs choose the 300-yard drive. But the correct answer - as any touring pro will confirm - is the two-putt.

And I'll prove my point using nothing more that some...

Simple Fifth-Grade Math.

Here we go. Think about your last round of golf. Add up the number of putts, then divide it by your total number of strokes. The result is your putting percentage.

So for example, let's say you shot an 85. (Not bad.) And during the round I'll further assume that you two-putted on all holes except four (where you three-putted). Respectable game. No amateur would complain about that.

But do the math. Your 40 putting strokes divided by 85 total strokes is .47... or 47%.

Now think about that for a second. The total amount of ALL your other strokes combined - drives, fairway shots, pitches, chips... the whole shooting-match added together...

Totals Only About HALF Of Your Strokes!

The other half is from putting alone.

And if you're like most amateurs - it's probably even worse than that!

Jeeze. Plopping down hundreds of dollars on a new driver (not to mention the countless hours beating balls on the range), begins to look a bit silly doesn't it?

I mean, you could crush a near perfect 330-yard drive and - if you're putting is shot all to hell...

You'll Still Double-Bogie The Hole.

Now that's tragic.

But consider this. If, in my example, you simply eliminated the three-putts and snapped up a few one-putts - you'd immediately shave over a half-dozen strokes.

Suddenly you're scoring in the 70s - without so much as a hick-up.

And if you're an "average" golfer still trying to break 90, it could shave as many as EIGHTEEN STROKES OFF YOUR GAME!

And that's exactly what this new "One Putt" Matrix putter can do for you. And the background behind it is a damn interesting tale too.

Here's the story: It starts with some wealthy Asian businessmen who "re-wrote" the way golf clubs were designed and produced. They did what no other golf manufacturers had ever considered - investing millions to house the CAD design engineers and the testing facilities inside the foundries where the clubs were actually manufactured.

Okay... so what's so earth-shattering about that?

Well just this: Every other manufacturer on the planet has their "brain-pools" located far away from the factory... sometimes separated by thousands of miles.

The result was that the Asians were suddenly able to design... test... prototype... and actually begin production on high-tech clubs - from start to finish -

Practically On The Same Day!


They virtually trimmed months - perhaps years - off the time it took to get a new club designed, produced, and into the brokers' hands. A truly astonishing feat.

But, as with all things...

There Was A Problem.

A big problem.

Turns out that U.S club brokers simply weren't ready for this "new and improved" way of doing things. (Most golfers are shocked to discover this "hidden" bare-knuckles relationship between club manufacturers, brokers, and retailers.)

So when certain retailers asked the Asian designers to come up with their finest "top quality" putter, the brokers expected the usual months of design... re-design... foot-dragging and hand-wringing...

...and were shocked when 155 prototypes showed up on their doorstep...

In Less Than Two Weeks!

And the quality was staggering:

  • A high-tech compact design with "perimeter weighting" for high "moment of inertia". Translation? Straight as an arrow backswings... complete elimination of "twisting" at impact... and rock-solid stability. (Get used to hearing "nice stroke buddy" ).
  • The breakthrough "White-Disc" alignment system looks like you're lining up three balls in a row - so it's EASY for the eye to instantly spot perfect alignment. Gone are the days of mind-numbing "guess work". It's all one, two, three, plink... into the cup. This is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to line up a putt (and you'll wonder why you ever did it the "hard way").
  • A unique "ceramic matrix" insert-face that provides an amazing "natural feel" to each putt and keeps the ball in contact with the face longer (for a truer roll). The result is a huge sweet spot for dead-on accuracy and total distance control that no other putter on earth can match.
  • An astonishing "semi-mallet" technology that distributes more weight to the outside areas for a head that glides firmly along its intended path like it's on rails, (say goodbye to that ugly "wobbly" stroke)... Even sloppy miss-hits travel sure and true making this as close to putting "auto-pilot" as you'll ever get.
  • A smooth "cambered" sole that provides the correct angle for most any lie for a silky-smooth transition from taller grass to short with ease (no more wrapping your club around a tree after that "stubbed" putt).
  • The dark nickel "Gun-Metal" finish reduces glare (to avoid those annoying last second distractions), while providing a rich "top-shelf" appearance that gets noticed.
  • A unique "double-bend" near the hosel precisely aligns the shaft with the center of the face providing perfect balance for a "straight-back-straight-through" stroke.
  • A hefty 342-gram head with 65% of the weight set-back from the putter face eliminates "twitches and shakes" and provides a far more stable and confident sensation. Allows you the consistency and stability to sink a much higher percentage of difficult putts.

And more. A LOT more.

I could go on for another 20 pages on this incredible design. The 35" steel streamlined shaft (designed specifically for greater feel and less resistance)... how the "pistol grip" provides quiet hands and keeps putter face on line...

...the composition stainless steel alloy head (top-notch)... how it swings smoothly, evenly, and methodically as the pendulum of a Swiss grandfather clock... and on and on.

Of course the American retailers who set this all in motion were at first thrilled and delighted... then quickly...

Shocked And Dismayed.

It was the bean-counters who burst their bubble. They crunched the numbers and reported that to make any kind of margin this amazing club would have to retail for...

$299 Per Club!

Of course the fat-cats practically choked on their cigars. No sane golfer would pay three hundred bucks for a putter. They quickly brought an end to the whole mess... before stock holders could form a lynch mob. The project was officially dead.

But HOLD ON... what about the 155 prototypes?

Turns out that the clubs were simply written-off as the "cost of doing business". Nobody had any intention of investing one red-cent into marketing a measly 155 prototype putters. Ridiculous.

And that's good news for YOU: Because with my "insider" connections (oh it's nice to have friends), I secured the original 155 prototypes at an...

Insanely Reduced Price.

I cannot get any more of these clubs - at any price. And there will NEVER be any more produced... ever. Too expensive.

But I CAN change the lives of 155 of my "subscribers".

Just think of it: Total confidence and control on the green. 10 to 15 foot putts will suddenly become "yawners". And anything inside 6 feet will seem like a "gimmie".

No longer will you "dread" putting. You'll start to make so many putts, you'll actually get BORED! (Okay, not really.)'ll start to average just 25...26...or 27 putts a round. That's how good this is. But to get one...

You Must Act Fast!

Here's what you need to do right now: Hit the "Order Now" button now...

Use your credit card. It's the quickest way to secure a One Putt Matrix putter right now. But you won't pay anywhere near the $299 suggested retail. No, way.

Instead, I'm passing along to you the same killer deal that I got. You can now get one of the rare prototypes for just $69 - an absolute bargain considering it's probably less than the original "hard-cost" to make one.

But there is a "catch": I've emailed the link to this "hidden web page" to just a select few "subscribers". I'm glad you're one of them - really. But I can't allow you (or anyone) to "think about" this deal too long.

So if I don't hear back from you in the next 7 days, I'll assume that you're just not interested and email this message to the next subscriber below you.

That's fair enough, isn't it?

Of course, if you'd rather pay by check or money order just mail your $88 payment (that's $69 plus $19 shipping and handling) to: PGA Tour Tips, PO Box 661, Anderson, SC 29621.

Now I've done everything humanly possible to keep a tight lid on this. But of course there are already certain business "vultures" who've sniffed out what's going on and are calling my office trying to get the entire batch. I can't blame them.

But since there's almost no real profit in it for me, they've been told "no" - for now. This deal is only meant to benefit my subscribers, like you.

So you've got first crack at this. Nobody else - not even my own staff - gets one of these rare gems.

You're high on the list but it's nuts for me to tie-up cash while others are eagerly waiting to buy. I'm sure you understand.

So I'm giving you just 7 days to order. If I don't hear from you by then I'll pass along your custom On Putt Matrix putter to the subscriber below you.

Don't let that happen. Ordering now will prove to be one of the smartest moves you've ever made for your game.

No more teeth-chattering on 4-footers. Instead you'll be coolly draining 6... 8... 12-footers without breaking a sweat. You can't screw up a putt even if you try.

You can thank me later.

For better golf...

Dr.Benjamin Duvall 

P.S. Oops... hold on... I almost forgot about your FREE bonus. Order now and I'll also include the DVD package - "Keys To Perfect Putting".

It's been selling around the world for $49 and is nearly 45 minutes long - but you'll learn the real "meat" of it in just 8 minutes! Discover such pro secrets as:

  • The 4 styles of putting that actually work like crazy - and which one is perfect for your own style of golf. (No matter how peculiar you are.)
  • How to aim your putts like a pro. (Takes about 3 seconds when you know the secrets. Stop looking like a moron, squatting and squinting and guessing like a madman before you putt. Instead: KNOW what to do. And then DO it. Simple and easy.)
  • Confidence secrets that will remove ALL DOUBT, no matter how insane your putt is.

And a lot more.

This is powerful stuff. Combined with your new One Putt putter it'll make you an unstoppable genius on the greens.

I'm including this incredible DVD package with your One Putt putter at no additional cost. That's right - it's FREE!

So hit the Order Now right now and I'll rush you your One Putt Matrix putter and your free "8-Minutes To Perfect Putts" DVD.

Just hurry, alright?

P.P.S. Whoa... WAIT... I've something ELSE for you.

To ensure that your investment is protected for years to come, I will also include a custom-fit black neoprene head cover.

This is a real beauty - sealed reinforced seams... easy-on easy-off closure... weather resistant... UV resistant... the whole works.

This'll keep your One Putt Matrix putter in tip-top shape and make it stand out in your bag as a high-quality club.

It's included when you order now.