Leading Wrist Firm- Sure Wrist

Leading Wrist Firm- Sure Wrist




Product Description


How To Fix Impact One of the Great Mysteries of the Golf Swing is the Impact Position

What if there was a way for you to feel -- YES -- literally experience a tour quality impact position? What if you could do it automatically and immediately?

Enter "The Sure Wrist." This simple yet powerful training device slips onto your left wrist. You make your pass. Automatically and instantly, Sure Wrist guides your leading left side into a perfect IMPACT POSITION.

You generate a powerful, on line release. Through supination, you "close down" the face of the club -- like all great players turning a 5-iron into a 3-iron. Your ball explodes into the air with a lower, harder, spinning trajectory. You'll hit shots that will utterly amaze your golfing companions.

Our "Sure Wrist" makes it all so easy. You drill in the feeling.. remove the device.. and you now have a new golf swing that is fundamentally sound.

And there's more. You will also receive a training video which contains instruction on using the product to help you hit a variety of shots. You ingrain the feeling and develop a fundamentally sound golf swing. So there you have it. The single most important fundamental of the golf swing is suddenly yours - AUTOMATICALLY.

Only $19.95 with Exclusive DVD Training